Virkon S Complete Disinfectant

  • $1.99

Sold by the tablet, each tablet makes 16 ounces mix in 1% strength (general disinfectant)

Bleach and UV light will NOT kill circoviruses such as PBFD. This makes Virkon S a must have in any bird-keepers arsenal. 

A powerful, formulated, broad spectrum, multi-purpose, viricidal disinfectant supported by DEFRA as suitable for organic farming. 

  • We only sell the tablet form - easy to mix without all the coughing the powder form causes - 1 x 5g tablet makes 500ml solution, 1 x 50g tablet makes 5lt solution
  • Proven independent data for pathogen control of 100 virus (22 families), 400 strains of bacteria and 100 strains of fungi
  • Proven independent data to assist with the control of Swine Flu H1N1, PBFD and Avian Flu H5N1

How does it work? Virkon® S oxidizes sulfur bonds in proteins and enzymes disrupting the function of the cell membrane causing rupturing of the cell wall.

To mix 16 oz - 1 tablet

To mix 64 oz - 4 tablets

To mix 96 oz - 6 tablets

Use Poop-Off or your other favorite cleaner, then spray Virkon S onto surface, wait 10 minutes, then rinse.