VERSELE-LAGA Prestige Grit

VERSELE-LAGA Prestige Grit

  • $6.49

Grit in the US is a highly debated addition to the diet because people used to use gravel, not mineral grits which coupled with a digestive issue sometimes caused impaction. Not so with the grits we offer. All of Europe and the most successful breeders and exhibitors ALWAY offer free-choice grit. This product is sold from bulk and repackaged unless purchased as the 44lb bag in order to save on shipping and for people with fewer birds.
  • Mixture of oyster shells. grinding stones. seashells. redstone & charcoal
  • A rich source of minerals and trace elements
  • The grinding stones are absolutely crucial for a proper digestion

Minerals (coral 15%)

Analytical constituents

Crude ash 98.5%, calcium 23.0%, phosphorus 0.02%, sodium 0.2%

Directions for use

Make freely available all year round in a separate bowl and change it regularly. Store in a cool and dry place.