Little Farmer Surf & Turf

  • $15.99

LAND & SEA. The best of both worlds, in a fun mealworm and shrimp protein snack for your chickens, because it's hard work laying eggs and growing feathers during a molt. Work on your bond with your birds when you offer these from your hand, or sprinkled around to encourage natural foraging and scratching. 

Packed with Protein. Chickens LOVE mealworms with dried river shrimp and benefit from the natural protein and calcium! Shrimp are high in Omega 3's, which is beneficial to heart and nervous system health. Calcium helps to strengthen egg shells and maintain egg production.
The protein packed mealworms helps your hens deliver the eggs! You may notice a nutritious deep yolk. The contain a whopping 53 GRAMS of protein!


Hand feed, sprinkle on the ground, or place in a dish, after complete feed as a natural, healthy protein snack your chickens will LOVE so much they'll come running for more!

Analysis: Crude Protein (g) 53%, Fat (g) 17.85%, Dietary Fiber (g) 3%, Water (g) 6%, Ash (g) 9.10%