Lineolated Parakeet Final Payment

  • $605.00

This link was requested for a credit card payment as a final purchase of your bird before airline shipping. It is the total cost of the bird (450), minus your deposit (100), plus the $30 DNA fee, and $225 shipping. Any questions, please contact us at 978-290-1190 before submitting payment. We are excited for both of you to be united! 



Deposits are to give the new bird parent and the breeder confidence that the newly weaned baby will go to its new home during the critical bonding window. Initial hold deposits are non-refundable ($100), but if a bird is paid in full, all but the $100 is returned if the buyer has a change of heart. 

All sexes listed for the bird available have been confirmed with a DNA test which is $30 additional, if not a sex linked mutation. 

Hand fed birds are abundance weaned, and very well socialized to multiple household members, including children. 

Parent raised birds are handled in the nestbox, and are traditionally better parents themselves. They have the benefit of a longer exposure to the healthy crop flora provided naturally by their parents. They can be a hair slower to bond to a new owner, but when placed in the new home during that critical bonding window, the process usually is seamless. 

Shipping is via Delta Airlines, and includes the crate which you keep. They make a great travel carrier, or emergency preparedness tool. This adds $225 to the cost of the bird. If you are local to Ayer, Massachusetts, feel free to pick up in person (need to schedule time in advance).

All birds come with breeder support, we are always here to answer your questions. We recommend babies go home with a light "baby clip" for the wings to keep them safe and help the training process. This is provided without a charge. 

Balance for the bird must be paid in full before the flight is booked, generally 48 hours before the desired day of travel. 

New bird parents can use code NEWBABY15 for 15% off Chirp Central products at checkout. Good for one use only.