Fuzzy Fleece Swing "Floop"

  • $16.99

It's Fleece, it's a Hoop, it's a Floop! The safe alternative to the "huts" we love to see our birds sleep in. These are beloved rings and birds young and old will LOVE it!!

  • Plastic Ring covered in soft fleece.
  • Great for feather pickers to keep their beak busy preening.
  • Use as a swing or just a great place to hang around.
  • Nice warm spot for a nap.
  • Machine Washable.
  • Colors vary based on availability. If you are picky, send a text or email for photos of what is available. I promise, no matter the pattern, they will please!
  • Includes nickel plated pear link or quick link for easy hanging.


Mini - 4" ring, 8" overall                                                                                                Small - 6" ring, 10" overall
Medium - 8" ring, 13" overall