Foam Wedge for Correcting Splay Legs

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For any breeder, it is bound to happen... the dreaded splay legs in a baby! If allowed to go uncorrected, the baby will not only be unable to be sold, but the bird will be destined to live a life of poor quality. Unable to perch, and dragging themselves through their poop, this "defect" really affects quality of life. 

These wedges work well for birds such as parrotlets, budgerigar, linnies, lovebirds or similar. With soft material, it doesn't rub, and does not cut off circulation like vet wrap, or elastic with straw methods. 

Wedge is easily made thinner for smaller birds with scissors, and penetrating it to cut leg holes is very easy. 

If you haven't had splay before, feel free to call us or request instructions at checkout on how to use them properly. 

3 things usually cause splay: 1. Poor genetics (consider not repairing the parents again if this happens in a second clutch) 2. Lack of calcium in the diet (we recommend highly a liquid calcium such as Calcivet or Calcium Plus, always offering a cuttlebone and mineral block as well) 3. Lack of substrate or quality of it in the nestbox, or a slippery bottom to the nestbox such as plastic or wood without a nest divot. We use a special large flake white pine shaving that is dust free, available HERE. If you live in an area, or keep birds on a level of your home with high humidity, we recommend our Hemp bedding which really helps to absorb extra moisture.