• $4.99


Cuttlebone is a natural form of calcium, made from the backbone of the cuttlefish. All birds should have access to one. These cuttlebones are unbroken and of a great size to fit perfectly into our cuttlebone holders, or are easy to zip tie to the cage.

Nice and clean, these are top rated quality. 

** A Natural Product, so size and color can vary - Large size has about 6 in a half dozen, the more petite offering when available has at least double that. Some cuttlebone brands are soaked in chemicals to whiten. These are natural, so some may have dark portions which is naturally occurring. Most are white. 

*** The IMPERFECT Cuttlebone offering - some pieces are just chipped, some are broken smaller. Pieces can be scraped off into chop or fresh foods, or tied to the cage... the birds don't care! Most are almost whole.