Cozy Sleep Hut

Cozy Sleep Hut

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Sleep Huts are Dangerous! Your bird can one day decide to chew the material and get hung up by a thread causing injury or death. They shouldn't be used but with a couple of exceptions. Baby birds aren't known to chew (as it is a function of hormones mots of the time) and they can benefit around the time of weaning by a warm snuggle hut to encourage them to not sleep on the bottom of the cage like is often habit by the time they are done hand feeding. Another time they can safely be used is as support for an elderly or sick bird. Both are unlikely to chew. Huts should be inspected daily, and are not good for long term use. 

These huts are great for your insecure baby bird to hide in.
Gives your young, sick or elderly bird a cozy, snuggly and secure place to relax!!
Acrylic is Inserted Into the Base of the Hideout for Stability and Safety of Your Pet. This protects the hideout From collapsing. This is not made with cardboard like others on the market!!
Please note bird owners have a responsibility to check their birds rope toys and cut back or discard parts that become frayed and present a hazard.

Machine Washable!

Colors are picked at random (if you have a preference, add it to the checkout notes and we will give you that one if possible). Red, with Blue Interior, Green with Orange Interior, Orange with Green Interior, Blue with Red Interior. 

Measurements: 6″ L x 4″ W x 4.5″ H (inside height). Total 12″ long when hung
For: Finches, Budgies, Linnies, Lovebirds to Small Cockatiels & Small Conures