Blue Aluminum Cage 29"W

Blue Aluminum Cage 29"W

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Blue Aluminum ATM 2029 NEW King's Cages Design
Fantastic size for your smaller birds permanent cage with it's 29" width, or a great travel cage for larger species. These cages are also stackable! Cage is marked for Local Pickup, but if you would like one shipped, they will be drop shipped by the manufacturer. 

20″ Wide
28 7/8″ Length
20 1/4″ Height

Inside Height: 17 1/2″
5 MM Bar
5/8″ Bar spacing
29 lbs.

Revolutionary ALUMINUM Cage! NO more chipping, NO more rust,
Easy to disinfect! Great for Vet visits or full time smaller bird housing! This cage can be used for Birds, Rodents and Reptiles. All of our cages are Non-Toxic and safe for your loving pets.


On all cages bars are Satin Silver, which compliment the frame to give this cage true class in your home!

No more chipping paint, NO more rust!
Slide out grill & tray with swivel safety lock
2 swing out feeder doors & cups (Stainless Steel cups available at an additional cost)
1 perch
Patented stainless steel front door lock with magnetic closure