The Aviator Bird Harness

  • $32.99

The Aviator Harness is a safe, lightweight harness that allows you to safely take your bird outside, without fear of them running away or getting hurt. This means your bird can go outside, exercise, and fly to their heart’s content. Clipped birds are not safe to take outside as if something frightens them, any wind can give them incredible lift. These lightweight harnesses are a great way to keep them secure. If you have a baby or a young bird, training them to this is very easy. 

Start by acclimating your bird to their new harness.

A harness is often a foreign concept to your bird, and it will take time for your bird to get used to before they can go outside. 

Once your bird is harness trained, it’s time to go outside!

Aviator has 15 years of experience making harnesses, and use advanced manufacturing methods to make sure The Aviator Harness is both safe for your bird and escape proof, so you and your bird can focus on having fun and exploring the great outdoors.

Size Chart:

Mini – Less than 75 grams (Budgies, Lovebirds, Linnies, Parrotlets)

Petite – 75 – 110 grams (Cockatiels, Green Cheek Conures, Kakariki Parakeets)

We only carry these two sizes at this time, and only in Red. See more details below!

  • Mini ( XXXS ) Aviator Harness for birds weighing under 75 grams: Sm. Parakeets, Love Birds, Parrotlets, Plumb Head. We GUARANTEE FIT and will replace for free if you accidentally choose the wrong size.
  • Only 6.5 gm. (~1/4 oz.) is the weight of the ENTIRE Mini Aviator - Only bird harness designed for safe flight - Easiest to install - 1 piece design - No buckles or clips -- Only one adjustment slide. Quality material is Ultrasonically cut, welded and heat contoured creating a most comfortable fit.
  • Escape-Proof! Many other brands have leads and leashes with buckles and clips that can be easily removed by your bird. The strong steel slide has been powder-coated black to make them unattractive as toys. No Stitching for your bird to play with.
  • Self-adjusting Elastic Leash: Automatically adjusts from the chest to the back as the bird climbs and flies and eliminates a SUDDEN IMPACT when he fly's to the end. Efficient design has fewer pressure contact points on your bird. The special design is very useful for free flight training. The Aviator is not a bird diaper or flight suit.