Java Multi Branch Perch

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Java Enrichment Multi Branch - helps your bird exercise it's feet to avoid sores and arthritis. Pleasant, natural appearance makes the enclosure look fabulous. A cage of variety is healthful, and increases happiness!

Natural texture help grip if you wish your breeding pairs to make better contact when mating, increasing fertility. 

Approximately 14-17" Long x 12-16" Wide x 1/4-1" Diameter for XS

This unique Java perch is a great spot for all sizes of birds to perch on. It has multiple branches and secures to any cage or aviary with two washers and a wing nut. Java perches can scrubbed clean easily. Diameters and sizes vary as does the shape and configurations of the branches. Natural wood makes your bird feel like they're back in the jungle. The X-small size is designed for small-medium species, Medium is best for medium species like Jardines, Senegals, up to African Greys.