Vetafarm Calcivet

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** 1L Bottle expires end of 2022, hence the discount 

Calcivet is a liquid calcium and vitamin D3 supplement for addition to water, soft foods or for direct administration by beak in times of emergency. This product is undoubtedly our favorite calcium. It has a nice syrupy consistency, golden color to easily identify treated water, and seamlessly mixes into the drinking water. It also has an appealing taste. Avoid nerves over egg binding. 

Offer 6-7 days a month as maintenance, and if for a breeding pair, offer again upon setting them up until the hen has completed laying. Then offer again for the first 10 days upon hatching to prevent splay legs and help those babies grow strong skeletal systems. 

Although it is pricey because it is imported from Australia, it is the gold standard in liquid calcium. 


Water Administration:
Add 5mL ( 1 teaspoon, or 0.175 fl oz) per 250mL (8.5 fl oz) of drinking water. Use as the sole source of water and prepare fresh solution daily (1tsp per cup of drinking water.)

Pour 5mL (1 teaspoon) over 1 cup soaked seed.

Direct dose to Beak:
0.2mL per 100g body weight (Add 4 drops per 3½ oz body weight.)

Calcium, Vitamin D3.

Store in a dry area below 30°C (86°F)