Nestbox Substrate - 2 Choices

  • $2.50

Having the proper substrate (bedding) in your breeding pairs nestbox is one of the most important aspects of your breeding round. Not enough material and you can suffer with splay legged babies. Improper bedding can hold moisture and promote fungal or bacterial growth. We offer two types of nestbox bedding choices that we have always used with success. Choices like coconut fiber (tangles legs) and Carefresh (holds moisture and can be injested) should be avoided. 

1. White Pine LARGE flake dust-free shavings - no dust, and the large flake size makes it easier for your Budgerigars to "clean out" the box as they like to, and other species like the Lineolated like to shred them. Both activities act as a breeding trigger. 

2. Hemp Bedding - hemp is great at absorbing moisture. If you have your breeding room in an area of the Country that is humid, or keep your birds below grade in your home and humidity is high, this bedding is for you. It tends to pull enough moisture away to cause hatch issues IF your breeding room is of normal humidity ranges 25-45% and would not be recommended for that. 

Both choices are sold by the cubic foot and is bagged in plastic. It is enough bedding for the laying/incubation phase and as many nestbox cleanings you need from hatch to fledging.