Dummy Eggs - Fake Parrot Eggs

Dummy Eggs - Fake Parrot Eggs

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When trying to discourage your bird from laying a full clutch, dummy eggs are imperative. 

At the first sign of an egg, or after one has been laid, put up a nestbox and offer the bird 4-5 dummy eggs. When the hen sees a full clutch "laid" she will shut off the lay hormone and start to incubate. She will likely still lay 2 more ( a total of 3) but this is much safer than a full 5-7+ eggs of a naturally laid clutch. 

We also recommend one of the liquid calciums with D3 like Calcivet to get your lady safely through this lay phase. 

Allow the hen to sit on the eggs until she abandons them in order to prevent her starting to lay another clutch. If she hasn't abandoned the eggs by 30 days, kick her off. 

These eggs are a great size for English Budgies, Lovebirds, Bourkes, Scarlet Chested, Linnies, Cockatiels and other similar egg sized species. 

Be sure to reduce light (room light from an incandescent counts) to no more than 10-12 max hours per day and remove any triggers such as sleep huts, or shredables in the cage such as newspaper over the bottom grate. 

Check out the article we wrote HERE for more tips on discouraging breeding behaviors. Written for Linnies, but the tips work for all avian species. 

These dummy eggs are dishwasher safe.