Cactus Flower & Jade Parrot Safe Candle Melts

  • $6.99

Most of us LOVE the atmosphere and scents candles offer but they are unsafe for our bird companions. They are not healthy for humans either. Paraffin wax is harmful to respiratory tracts. These Soy based candles are paraffin, phthalate free and 100 % bird safe!

  • 3 oz pack of melts. We also sell glass 13 oz glass jars, and melt wax warmers in classy designs!

More information:

Here are the world’s first avian safe candles. 

The wax is 100% soy wax with ZERO harsh additives, for example, UV blockers: which protect the colors from fading, or Paraffin wax.

85% of soy candles have Paraffin wax mixed in them to help throw scent and drives the cost of the candle way down. 

Now when it comes to the scent you can rest assured that there is no Phthalate in any of these candles. This is a chemical that has no odor that companies use to help throw the scent.

This is a very harmful chemical that we all breathe in when burning candles that contain this.

You can rest assured that there is NO Harmful Chemicals added to these products.

The wick is 100% natural, made of paper and soy, which allows a cleaner burn with 60% less carcinogens released in the air compared to other so-called clean burning wicks.